THANK YOU BROWTISAN After 3 long months of patience, my eyebrows are ready to see the world! Story of my brows. I'm pretty bl...


After 3 long months of patience, my eyebrows are ready to see the world!

Story of my brows. I'm pretty blessed with a pair of nice eyebrows, however, i'd like to enhance it. I got a really bad eyebrow embroidery at some salon in Novena before i know about Browtisan. I was really upset and couldn't have a proper sleep for a week. You know, your brows will be the darkest in the first week then it will slowly lighten during the scabbing process. I had to hide away from everyone because i look hilarious. I couldn't wait get it fix and get over with.I repeatedly shown her pictures of the eyebrows i really want. I was so upset when i see myself in the mirror. The pain was unbearable. It was the worst moment of my life.

A very painful lesson learnt, do your research before getting eyebrow embroidery at any salon.
Regret till today.


 3 months ago, it is such a relief after i spoke to coco and saw some of her works. I started my first eyebrow laser removal at Browtisan. If you've missed J's eyebrow embroidery experience at Browtisan, you may read it here.

Luxurious interior decor, perfect for outfits photo!

A thick amount of numbing cream is applied onto my brows and let it settle into my skin to reduce the pain during the treatment. Eyebrow laser removal process is almost painless. Red marks will go away after a week. It can be conceal with make up the next day. I was worried sick and thought that my brows will never grow again. Thankful that it grew back like how it was. 

3 months later after eyebrow laser removal, i'm finally getting eyebrow embroidery.
During the treatment, i felt slight pain on the boney areas where i had eyebrow laser removal in which the skin on my brow has become very thin so it is more sensitive. Don't need to worry, numbing cream can be apply anytime during the treatment. So far, my friends(who went to Coco) have shared with me that they felt no pain at all. 

Post eyebrow embroidery day 4 . I'm really impressed and satisfied with the result!
 Can't wait for my next eyebrow retouch! 

Have i ever mentioned that i received the best service in Browtisan. Coco and her staffs are the friendliest people i've ever met. They are very patience with my requests and always taking good care of me. 

Thank Coco once again for grooming us!

 To book a consultation, call: 6235 2355 



  1. Hi Reiee,

    May i check with you after you laser removed off your initial eyebrow embroidery, especially at the eyebrow head portion, does it 100% remove off the embroidery and will no trace left or there will still be some traces left?


    1. Hi Jasslyn, it depends. Some people may need more then one treatment. Ultimately, have a one to one consultation with Coco. She will advise what's best for you :)


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