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When it comes to fashion, I don't stick to just one style.
I usually dresses up according to my mood and the weather.
My all time favorite style is edgy glamour!
I spend most of my time on fashion and food photography.

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Monday, May 23, 2016


Beside jaw surgery, Botox V-lift can slim and raise that droopy lower cheeks of mine. Most of us cannot afford long down time due to work and every other reasons. Time is money! Jaw surgery is a major surgery and it has long down time. If you're not looking for anything dramatic and non-invasive method to achieve the Korean V shape face, Botox V-lift is the ultimate solution for you. It is safe and has very little down time. For me, I did my treatment right before my work. 

To refresh your memory, I did my very first Botox V-lift with Dr Ma at Freia Medical 2 years ago! I received many compliments on my face shape and I've been asked how did get that V shape face. I've introduced my friends to Dr Ma and all are happy with their results. I also have people came up to me and asked if I did jaw surgery. Frankly speaking, jaw surgery did cross my mind but I didn't have the courage to do it even do I've been through the whole plastic surgery thingy.


Back to Freia Medicial, I did Botox V-life without any numbing cream this time. To my surprise, there was no pain only a bit of soreness on my jaw muscles which lasted few seconds. Dr Ma is great at his work, the treatment was nothing but comfortable. 

How much Botox is too much? Well, Dr Ma has the answer! If you want to try Botox V-life, book your appointment at deals@Beauti5me.com. Remember to quote my name "reieek" for members price! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Pedicure by Glorious Nail Spa | Zipper Legging from Zara | Mini Bucket Bag from Charles & Keith
Top and shoes from a random shop i got during my Europe trip.