Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Don't you love christmas? Waking up to lots of gifts at your door step!
Thank you Orchard Central for sending me cupcakes and cotton candy. Feel so loved!

The essential oil make my whole room spells so magical! 


To all the Japanese lovers!  

TOKYU HANDS has just launched their second outlet in ORCHARD CENTRAL!
I am so lucky to be the first few to step into TOKYU HANDS for some exciting shopping experience!

I bet you've heard a lot about Japan Lifestyle store. In TOKYU HANDS you can find almost everything you need. 

TOKYU HANDS was first established in Tokyo in 1976 and currently operates some 30 branches all across Japan. TOKYU HANDS has always been the place to shop for exciting shopping ideas, creative inspiration and new lifestyle products in Japan. They provides a wide variety of merchandise. TOKYU HANDS is one-stop to almost everything you need!

J checking out their household section. We bought some deodorants for his room and car. There are many interesting household can be found in TOKYU HANDS. It wowed me every time i saw something which i don't see in our local department store.

For those who love stationary like i do, you should check out what TOKYU HANDS has for you. Pretty notebooks are my weakness. I could buy up to 10 notebooks at one time because they are too pretty not to buy! Basically anything that are pretty to my own liking, i will just get it. haha

You guys know where to go if you need props for party items. They have face paint, party hats, and many more!

I totally stuck at this section. I love love love make up. They are so many different brands of cosmetics and skincare products which only can be found in TOKYU HANDS. 

Make up gurus! Are you ready be prepared to get spoiled ?!

Make up remover and cleansers. Familiar brands such as Biore can be found in TOKYU HANDS.

The little basket is only parts of my shopping!!

TOKYU HANDS is located at Orchard Central Basement 1.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Voyage Ballroom Charity dinner | CATALUNYA

Voyage Ballroom Charity dinner @ MBS

It was a impromptu invitation to this dinner. I'm so proud of ourself as we only had an hour to put everything together! The dinner was quite an experience!



I have been a good girl! It has been awhile i last step into a club. If i had to choose a place for party, it has to be Catalunya! It has a glass dome amazing views of Marine bay! Catalunya serve the finest cuisine by day and serve you the best cocktails by night! Read more at