Tuesday, March 31, 2015



After 3 good long months of patience, my eyebrows are really to see the world!

After a bad eyebrow embroidery, i had togo through several times of eyebrow laser removal process at Browtisan. I was very upset and depressed during the scabbing process. I had to hide away from everyone because i look hilarious.

This was how my eyebrows look like before i know about Browtisan.

I won't denied that I'm blessed with a pair of nice eyebrows, however, i'd like to enhance it.

I don't understand how one can give me something else when i repeatedly shown her pictures of the eyebrows i really want. I was so upset. The pain was unbearable. It was the worst moment of my life.

A very painful lesson learnt, do your research before getting eyebrow embroidery at any salon.

Thankful that this moment lasted a while.


 3 months ago, i made my way down to Browtisan for eyebrow laser removal. It is such a relief after i spoke to coco and saw some of her works. If you've missed J's eyebrow embroidery experience at Browtisan, you may read it here.

Luxurious interior decor, perfect for outfits photo!

A thick amount of numbing cream applied onto my eyebrow and let it settle into my skin to reduce the pain during the treatment.  

Eyebrow laser removal process is almost painless. Red marks will go away after a week. It can be conceal with make up the next day. Have i ever mentioned that i received the best service in Browtisan. Coco and her staffs are the friendliest people i've ever met. They are very patience with my requests and always taking good care of me. 

3 months later after laser removal treatment, i'm finally getting eyebrow embroidery.
I was worried sick and thought that my brows will never grow again. Thankful that it grew back like how it was. 

During the process, i feel slight pain on the boney area where i had eyebrow laser removal in which the skin on my brow has become very thin so it is more sensitive. Don't need to worry, numbing cream can be apply anytime during the treatment. So far, my friends(who went to Coco) have shared with me that they felt no pain at all. 

Before getting eyebrow embroidery. 

Day 4 after eyebrow embroidery. I'm really pleased with the result.

1 week after eyebrow embroidery. Can't wait for my next eyebrow retouch! 

Thank Coco once agin for grooming us!

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Monday, March 23, 2015


Finally, done wit IT show! Here is a blog post on something i have been doing lately. I want to look at my best in every angles! But I’m bothered by one issue: the areas under my eyes look sunken, making me appear tired somehow. So I'm getting my first filler injection to fill up the sunken area and also to correct dark circles. I decided to go to my choice clinic in Orchard Road, where I got my effective botox V-lift injection.

I always look forward to my appointments as my Doctor and his staff are really polite and nice. Here, I’m sitting at their cozy waiting area table filled with magazines. I was happily messaging J that I'm getting a filler injection. As always, he got so worried and asked thousands of questions. 

How cute!

During the consultation with my Doctor, he highlighted that the areas under my eyes are slightly sunken, hence making my eyes look a little protruding. It is also caused by the shadow underneath. Another reason for my dark circles is that my skin around that area is thin. He is going to inject filler under my eyes so I'll have a fresher look.

I love my fuller forehead ever since i had fats graft in February last year. Unfortunately, it didn't last because i didn't go back for second fat graft injection. So my Doctor suggested that I inject some filler to achieve the fuller looking forehead.

If you are wondering, they uses Restylane. 

Numbing cream was applied before treatment. We had to let it set in for about 20 mins.

Picture of me and my sunken area under my eyes. As well as my spotted dark circles :(

The procedure begins! 

I am really excited! Couldn't help consistently checking out the area under my eyes.

Before filler was injected in the areas under my eyes.

After noticing a slight difference, my doctor decided to move to the next area as he didn't want to overdo it. 

Moving on, my Doctor is now focused on my forehead. Using ice, he numbed the area where 
the filler will be injected.

How painful it is? On a scale of 10, I would rate it 2/10. The first 'poke' was more painful but bearable! After the treatment, recovery cream was applied to the affected area to calm and sooth the skin.

Ended my treatment with a glass of honey lemon. :)

// 1 week after the treatment //

I had no bruises or swelling. 

// 1 month after treatment //

I went back for a review as I wanted sunken look under my eyes to disappear! My doctor did a bit of touch up and wala! I look more alert and refresh! Icing my under eyes after treatment. I had a bit of bruising and swelling after my second filler injection. I didn't have to worry as it can be covered by concealer.

Almost 3 weeks after my last touch up :)

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